In Store Exclusives for GTAIV

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Well, were down to five days away from the release of Grand Theft Auto IV so I thought I’d let you all know what stores are doing, or giving away which things. I did have a list of my own but XBOX360Fanboy put together a much better list that’s much less confusing. The list consists of what Circuit City, Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon, and Walmart are doing and giving away. For that list, and what the next post will be continue reading.


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Grand Theft Auto IV Porn

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So, it’s a week until the release of one of the most anticipated games of the year and someone in Australia decided to make it “hot in here.” An employee at an Australian game store took pictures of the Collector’s Edition of Grand Theft Auto IV and of the content inside. For those of you that forgot, the CE comes with a Duffel Bag, Soundtrack CD, Key Chain, Art Book, and a deposit box with the games logo embedded on the outside case. The pictures reveal that the items all come packed in the Deposit Box and the box comes in a specially designed Art Box. Each version, 360 and PS3, comes in it’s own art box with Niko being on the 360 version and the “lollipop girl” being on the PS3 version. One last thing to mention about the CE content is that the box art of the game case is embossed to make it stand out from the regular edition, pretty spiffy!



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GTAIV: “Move Up Ladies!”

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YES! YES!!!!!!! OMG YES! The superly overly hyped game of 2008! It’s big and I must cover just because. It’s Grand Theft Auto. Screens and Video after the break!

At least the internet didn’t break.


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All’s Well That Ends Well

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Well I’ve been on hiatus for about two weeks. There has been a lot going on since then. Kojima and Konami announced some great things for Metal Gear Solid including two game updates. Bungie has updated the facts on HALO 3; that was very big. EGM has just stated some great things about GTAIV and not so great things on LAIR for PS3.


As you all know I just recently got a PS3 and I nought Super Star Dust HD and a couple of other games. I’ve also finished some other games. Reviews for those will be coming soon. For the biggest thing coming to this site please see the break. We have it first…


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Most Wanted Games: Microsoft

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Well I made a list of them for SONY’s PLAYSTATION so I thought I’d make one for Microsoft. Their conference was sort of bland but the games highlighted during the conference were worth noting. Most notably was Rock Band and of course HALO 3. But there were others that have made a special spot in my list of games for the inevitable HOLIDAY WARS 07. Most third party games are better on the 360 and that is usually true. SONY does have the best First Party Developing studios unlike Microsoft which just has exclusive Third Party titles and some great First Party titles. One of the most wanted games on my list has a pretty cool feature, online Guitar Multiplayer over XBOX Live! It’s Guitar Hero 3!

More after the break!


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RE: 3 – Microsoft’s Press Event

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“Let’s pump it up to 11!”

That’s right readers. Lets. Well last night at the Microsoft E3 press Conference there were many happenings.You may have thought that after a price drop announced by SONY that Microsoft would have 1UP them but, no that didn’t happen. There were some good and bad things. OF the many things announced, the new controller is what needs to get out now! There it is:

More info after the jump!


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At least it didn’t kill the internets…

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Well I LOVED IT! It’s AWESOME! I LOVE THE MUSIC, the GRAPHICS, The EVERYTHING! Watch it after the break, it’s the




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America Gets an Economy Increase?!

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After a season of gas price hikes, natural disaster, stupid decisions [depending on your point of view], and stock price drops America and the world will finally see an increase in the growth of the economy. Here’s why:

Videogames! Videogames! [and] Videogames!


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Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer NOW HERE!

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The internet crashes for 1 minute!!!!111!111111111

The new GTA IV Trailer was released today in an uproar of refreshing and downed websites. People are crying everywhere. Kotakuites, Gamespotters, Joystiqoruooos, and many more. It was not worth it. Once a youtube version becomes available I’ll post it here for your viewing pleasure and then you’ll see why.

The characters were cool, the cars, buildings, bridges, and more were cool but will it be new or just the same old same old with a face cover? We’ll find out in October!

Tell me what you liked or disliked about it.

See the trailer after the break!


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