Warhawk Update v1.3

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One of the fastest growing games on the PLAYSTATION 3 is getting another update. As I told you all a while back, Warhawk recently went through an update to fix various problems and add an in game store among other features. This next update will fix various glitches, add new user created skins, and will add new weapons and map lay outs. This will be done all for free. For more info on this new update keep on reading.



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Follow Up: Warhawk’s Future

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After it’s initial release in August of this year Warhawk has either been on the good side of people’s hearts or the dark side. After reading my review you would guess that I love the game, even with it’s “low” score. After many days of trying to play the game and failing to do so due to connection problems, the inability to get into games that are not full, cheaters, glitchers, and all around hax0rz, and of course the dreaded microphone problem my “love” of the game began to dwindle. Technical problems with this online only game hindered the online aspects of Warhawk; the ranking system failed, some people could not rank up even if the game said they did, and others could not get into ranked games whatsoever. A couple of months passed, and just when all hope was almost lost, Incognito released a blog stating there would be a series of patches to bring forth the future of Warhawk.



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CONFUSING Reviews: Warhawk

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CONFUSING Reviews: Warhawk

It’s been over two years since it’s announcement at E3 2005. It was the first game to designed to use the SIXAXIS controller in a way that wasn’t lame. Through tough development problems and two years of waiting this game is finally available. Is it worth all the trouble put into it? Find out in this overly priced review of Warhawk for the Playstation 3 after the break!


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